Denshaw traffic meeting – Friday 8 April 2016

In October of last year, I was contacted by residents in Denshaw regarding traffic problems in the village centre and surrounding roads. Residents raised concerns around speeding and increased traffic problems from being at at the crossroads of a diversionary route for the M62 and residents felt that this situation had worsened recently.

I met with Denshaw Community Association and residents in December last year to discuss the impact of increased traffic and speeding in the village. At the meeting, I listened to concerns from residents and proposed to arrange a joint meeting with agencies and residents in the New year.

On Friday 8th April,  I convened a meeting at Denshaw Village Hall with Denshaw Community Association and residents, Highways England, Highways Oldham (Unity Partnership) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic Division.

The matters discussed in this meeting included:

  • M62 Diversionary Route and the impact of increased traffic including heavy good vehicles (HGVs) and speeding in and around the village. It should also be noted that many drivers self-divert through the village event when the M62 diversionary route is not on.
  • Concerns regarding school pupil’s  safety with increased traffic and speeding
  • Speeding in and around the village
  • Traffic and speed at Denshaw Cross Roads

Some key facts included:

  • Highways England reported there were 27 diversions from the M62 through Denshaw village over last three years, only five were as a result of Highways England closing the M62 and deploying the diversionary route
  • Highways Oldham reported one KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) incident at Denshaw crossroads over the last three years

Actions included:

  • Debbie Abrahams MP to investigate regulations regarding that may restrict joint funding of projects between Highways England and Highways Oldham
  • Highways England will look at the M62 Diversionary Route Plan through Denshaw and when this may be revisited
  • Highways Oldham to investigate the possibility and viability of part time traffic lights at the junction and/or a wider traffic scheme, with possible timeframes and cost options
  • Highways Oldham to look into adding traffic signs in relation to HGVs on Range Lane
  • Highways Oldham to conduct a new set of speed surveys by the school and look at the possibility of including the nature/type of vehicles
  • Highways Oldham to look at sat nav signing
  • Many lorries are also coming through the village to access a tip in Calderdale. GMP/Highways Oldham/School Governors to jointly contact the tip owner to ask him to inform drivers visiting tip to drive with care through Denshaw village
  • Follow-up meeting to review action in mid-July


I look forward to reconvening with residents and agencies in July and you can keep up to date with progress via this website.

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