‘Alarming’ dementia research and my first Dementia Friends session

Recent research on dementia show and alarming rise in the number of people in England diagnosed with dementia. The number of people in England diagnosed with dementia has risen by 62% over seven years. In 2013-14, 344,000 people received a diagnosis – up from 213,000 in 2006-07, when statistics were first collected.

The provisional figures also suggest an 8% rise in the number of recorded dementia cases since 2012-13.

Although it can be alarming when we see statistics like this in the media we have known for some time that the number of people diagnosed is lower than the number of people who actually have dementia and that’s why it’s important we start work to address this issue now. But we shouldn’t lose heart.

Being diagnosed with dementia can come as a terrible shock but very many people continue to live fulfilling lives with the support of those around them.  What’s important is that we work as a community to make Oldham as dementia-friendly as possible as our population grows older.

By starting this work now we are already helping those with dementia and their carers who can also find life somewhat isolating if we’re not aware of their needs too.

I held my first Dementia Friends information session in the constituency on 18th August for Oldham Youth Council at their annual residential at Castleshaw in Delph.

The Greater Manchester area for Alzheimer’s Society is working with some great people in Uppermill helping to make the public aware of the increasing numbers of people who are being affected by dementia and how simple steps can make life a little bit easier for everyone.

Anyone wishing to join future sessions can sign up online at www.dementiafriends.org.uk,

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