Casey Review

In 2015, Dame Louise Casey was asked by the Government to undertake a review into integration and opportunity in our most isolated and deprived communities. Earlier this week, the Government published the report from the review which you can read in full here. You can read my concerns about this review below.

Inequalities in this country are getting worse.  It’s important to understand the causes and consequences of these inequalities, including tensions and lack of trust between communities.  The Oldham Fairness Commission, which I established and chaired looked in detail at local inequalities in education, income and employment, across the local community, based on evidence. 

In contrast, the Casey report focuses on inequalities between white British Heritage and Pakistani/Bangladeshi communities and whilst there are some important points, for example, the role of leadership in challenging discrimination, it also draws some questionable conclusions and makes a set of very vague recommendations.

This is an important debate that needs to be conducted in a calm and measured way, and fundamentally, is based on evidence, not just opinion. Labour is establishing a Commission which I will be involved in to address the issues of isolation and to ensure no community is left behind.

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