Closing Oldham DWP Office Exposes Tory Levelling-up Rhetoric as Hollow

Government's Closure of Oldham DWP Office Exposes Tory Rhetoric on Levelling-up to be Hollow

The Government’s announcement on 17th March 2022 that the DWP’s office at Phoenix House, Oldham will close and 168 staff will be ‘consolidated’ to Salford and Stockport offices by January 2023 expose the Tories’ rhetoric on levelling-up to be utterly hollow.

The Minister’s admission that 1,300 DWP staff work at sites where there is no other site nearby and his failure to rule out compulsory redundancies is deeply concerning. Ministers are removing quality public sector jobs from communities who need them in the middle of a devastating cost of living crisis with the price of petrol, food and energy soaring.

The DWP must fully engage with the Departmental Trade Unions and staff on this closure, many of whom are worried about their futures, especially if they’re unable to move within their role to Stockport or Salford.  The Government should also assess the economic impact of losing these jobs on our town centre with a plan to help communities like Oldham attract well-paid jobs back to our area.

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