Dan Jarvis Visits PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund

Dan Jarvis, Bryn Hughes and I at the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund

Dan Jarvis, Bryn Hughes and I at the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund

I was pleased to introduce my colleague Dan Jarvis, shadow youth justice and victims minister, to Bryn Hughes earlier this week. Bryn’s daughter Nicola served with Greater Manchester Police and was killed in an attack whilst on duty three years ago.

Dan and I met with Bryn Hughes at the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund offices in Delph to see for ourselves the work the fund is doing. Every time I have met Bryn, I have been so impressed with the fundraising and awareness raising work he and others have undertaken for the fund, which aims to provide learning opportunities and skills to young people who have suffered the tragic loss of a close family member through violent crime.

I agree with Dan when he said that, “It’s always humbling and thought provoking to meet people who have suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one as a result of a violent act. People like Bryn, who channel their energy into making sure some-thing positive comes out of the situation, is a perfect example of this. Along with Nicola’s other family members and friends Bryn is working to help other victims of crime rebuild their lives and look to the future. Bryn does this from a position of knowing what the pain of that loss feels like.”

I have been working with Bryn over several months to make Ministers and Shadow Ministers aware of the lack of support for victims’ families and to try and bring about a change to support them better, especially through the justice system, at such a difficult time.

Bryn’s work through the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, to help children rebuild their lives and see a positive future after such traumatic experiences is inspirational.

More information on the memorial fund can be found at www.pcnicolahughesmemorialfund.co.uk

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