Debbie Abrahams MP supports campaign to break down employment barriers for people with hearing loss

I attended a drop-in event in Westminster to learn about a campaign by Action on Hearing Loss aiming to break down the barriers that people with a hearing loss face when trying to stay in employment.

The charity presented its recent report Working for change: Improving attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace to MPs, which urged businesses and Government to work closer together to help people with a hearing loss to find and stay in work. Currently there are 11 million people in the UK having hearing loss with almost five million who are of working age, a number set to rise steadily due to the ageing population.

It’s been great to find out more about Action on Hearing Loss’ work supporting people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss and its important campaign to remove the barriers they face when finding and staying in work. The fact that an increasing number of people of working age have hearing loss makes it all the more important that employers are aware of support available. The myth-busting guide the charity has produced is an incredibly useful resource and I’d recommend that all businesses and organisations in Oldham East and Saddleworth take a look.

Paul Breckell, Action on Hearing Loss Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted that Debbie Abrahams MP attended our drop-in event and took the time to learn more about this vitally important campaign. We want to help businesses to support people with hearing loss to maximise their valuable skills; in 2017 no one should have to give up work due to their hearing loss early because their working environment can’t support them.”

The reports Working for change: Improving attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace and Working for change, and Increasing confidence in employing people with hearing loss are available to download here

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