Debbie Abrahams says Government’s announcement on Supported Housing leads to more uncertainty

The Department for Work and Pensions issued a written statement on Housing Benefit today and once again, the Government are delaying detailing their cuts to supported housing, leaving tens of thousands of the most vulnerable people in limbo. People who have suffered domestic abuse, veterans, older people, disabled people, the homeless, former offenders, veterans and young people leaving care still don’t have the certainty they need to live their lives.

The further delays to outlining a complete package of support for the supported housing sector are unacceptable.  In Oldham there are 1560 units of specialised and supported housing and to ensure these are properly protected, I believe a full exemption for supported accommodation from these Tory cuts must be put in place.

Ministers should have come to the House with an oral statement.  Therefore, as Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, I raised the issue with a Point of Order in the Commons today.

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