Debbie hits out at £10m cuts to Oldham’s local government funding

I am against this Government’s decision to make further cuts to Oldham’s local government funding. Analysis of the Local Government Finance Settlement by the Local Government Association reveal that local Councils will receive £2.2 billion less in Revenue Support Grant to run vital local services in 2017/8 than last year. 

This Local Government Finance package is more bad news for Oldham  as a cut of £10.11m every year in Revenue Support Grant is scheduled. These Tory cuts to local government funding puts key local services under even more pressure. 

Local government has already severely suffered as a result of seven years of brutal and devastating Tory cuts. The Government has finally acknowledged the crisis in social care but changes to the council tax precept is a short-term sticking plaster for a crisis which needs a sustainable, long-term and strategic solution.

Whilst we are glad that the Government has finally acknowledged that there is a deep and spiralling crisis in social care, this settlement does not offer any solutions. The council tax precept has already proven to be an inadequate and short-term sticking plaster for a problem which needs long-term answers.

There are 1.2 million elderly people who are living without the care they need. The Government have no new ideas on how to fund social care, and are just passing the buck to overstretched local authorities and council tax payers.

The Government need a long-term, sustainable and strategic vision for social care. Frail elderly people and vulnerable disabled people are suffering right now because of this government’s inaction.

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