Debbie slams Trump’s ‘hateful’ ban on Muslims

I am deeply disturbed by Donald Trump’s hateful executive order to ban Muslims and refugees entering America. I, along with other members of Labour’s shadow cabinet, have publicly condemned the American president’s ban on immigration from seven, mainly muslim, countries. 

In the same week as we mark the Holocaust, to introduce such a discriminatory policy, alienating people based on their religion is not just ironical but abhorrent. Islam is a religion based on peace and has much in common with Christianity and Judaism. But as with many religions, a small minority of people often seek to distort its true meaning. 

We should be doing everything in our power to oppose Trump’s vile attack on Muslims, which has horrific echoes of the 1930s. It is wholly inappropriate to have a state visit while this ban remains in place.

I’m liaising with Oldham Councillors and the Interfaith Forum about organising local action against Trump’s deplorable action and to demonstrate our solidarity with Muslims, anyone fleeing war and persecution and for the basic human right of religious freedom.

During her visit Theresa May spoke about our special relationship with America but this should be based on shared values. President Trump’s actions in his first week in office shows we appear to have very few shared values at all and Mrs May’s failure to tell him, and to be so slow in speaking against his position, is shameful.

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