Join the People’s March for the NHS

999call the NHSAndy Burnham MP set out the choice that the British people face on the NHS,  choice between the Tories who have taken the NHS backwards, forcing services to be put out to tender, and Labour who will protect the NHS. The Tories have broken the promises they made at the last election; they have wasted £3 billion on a top‐down reorganisation whilst a crisis grows in A&E and in GP surgeries.

The NHS is surviving — just. But five more years of the Tories could push it over the edge.

Experts are warning that more services are likely to be charged for, with fewer services provided free at the point of need.

Next month the People’s March for the NHS will follow in the famous footsteps of the Jarrow Crusade, marching 300 miles through 23 towns and cities starting on 16 August and ending on 6 September at Parliament  to send the Government a clear message that the British public has never given permission to Cameron to sell the NHS.

As a Shadow Health Team Member I am proud to be joining the march.

Anyone can take part to march all or a small section of the route. To find out how to register visit the website here. The march map and route are available  online here.


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