Kashmir – The need for peaceful resolution

Last week I was fortunate to be drawn as question 4 in the ballot for Foreign Office questions in order to raise with the Government what they are doing to try and bring about a peaceful resolution in Kashmir. I asked the Minister about what specific action the UK was taking to support conflict resolution in the area and you can read the full text of my questions and the Minister’s replies here.

Kashmir is an issue that many Oldham people feel passionately about.  I believe that for too long Kashmir has been ignored by the wider international community and we need fresh impetus to finding a resolution that is acceptable to all parties, especially the people of Kashmir.

The territorial dispute in Kashmir is the longest running in the world, and the violence and human rights abuses have spanned decades.  No resolution can be made without dialogue between India, Pakistan and the people who live in Kashmir.

I will continue to press Government Ministers on their policies and programmes for Kashmir through parliamentary questions, in the Commons Chamber and as Vice-Chair of the All Party Kashmir Group.

My recent Written Parliamentary Questions on Kashmir can be found here:





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