NHS Health Check Reports Make for Shocking Reading

The Shadow Health Team are surveying Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, Health Trusts and others in the NHS, to examine the effects of the Government’s policies on healthcare. The responses make for shocking reading.  The findings have been published in a series of NHS Health Check reports and can be accessed by clicking the links below.

  • The first report published in June 2012, Cameron’s Health Lottery, reports sheds light on the damage done to front line health services by the Coalition Government.  You can read the full report here.
  • The second NHS Health Check, The Doctor Won’t See You Now, shows that patients are struggling to get evening appointment as GP practices end evening and weekend opening and as walk-in centres close.  You can read the second report here.
  • The third report entitled Cameron’s Great NHS Carve-Up, revealed new evidence of acceleration of  privatisation across all areas of the NHS.  Read the full report here.
  • Cameron’s Forgotten Patients shows that 52,000 patients in England were denied treatment and kept off NHS waiting lists last year due to cost-based restrictions. You can download the report here.
  • Broken Promises on Clinical Networks, the fifth Check report, shows that the Government has broken its promises to protect funding for cancer networks and heart and stroke networks.  You can download the report here.
  • Accident Waiting to Happen highlighted the effect of the Government’s health policies on stretched A&E Departments.  You can read the report here.
  • NHS Nursing: Under Staffed and Under Pressure examined the devastating cuts to nurse staff numbers and the need to heed the Francis Report on staffing levels: NHS Check 7
  • David Cameron’s NHS Re-organisation looked at the effects of the Health and Social Care Act on the day many of its provisions came into force, highlighting 10 key dangers in the reforms. The report can be read here.
  • The ninth report, entitled Bed Occupancy: Trusts Operating at Dangerous Levels examined the number of English Health Trusts in winter 2012/13 who operated above recommended safe bed occupancy levels.  NHS Check 9
  • The Shadow Health Team has also looked in detail at Cameron’s Hidden Dementia Taxes, specifically at the increases in care charges for older and disabled people as Council budgets are squeezed by Government cuts.  The tenth report is here.
  • The eleventh Check report, Elderly Bear Brunt of NHS Crisis revealed the huge increase in over 90 year olds arriving by ambulance at A&E in the last two years and the total cuts so far to adult social care budgets under the Government’s watch.  The report is here.
  • Zero Hour Contracts in the NHS and Social Care revealed that 67,000 NHS staff are employed on zero hours contracts and over 300,000 social care workers.  NHS Check 12 
  • NHS Check 13, NHS Incorporated, reveals that the NHS is on the road to a US-style healthcare system.  It also presents evidence that some NHS hospitals are now charging for essential treatments that were previously free and are still free elsewhere.   Click here to download the report.

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