The Tories’ extreme plans to hit disabled people and carers

Documents leaked to the BBC this week show that the Tories are planning cuts to social security including Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Attendance Allowance and Carers’ Allowance as part of their proposal to cut a total of £12 billion from welfare.

These plans to hit disabled people and carers were drawn up for Conservative ministers to deliver their extreme cuts plan.

The Tories now need to come clean about what cuts they plan to make and who will pay the price. If they are ruling out these extreme cuts for the most disabled and carers, then it is clear they will be hitting tax credits, and support for children, for millions of working families.

Labour has a better plan to control the costs of social security, by tackling the root causes of spending in low pay and rising housing costs. We will raise the National Minimum Wage to £8 an hour, promote a living wage, and get at least 200,000 homes built a year.

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